What Should be Included in a Value Proposition and Why: To Help Win Bids

Feb 10, 2022Bid Writing, Tender Writing, Value Proposition

Last week, we explained what a value proposition is and why it’s important to have one written within bid and tender responses.
This week, we’re going to be looking into what you should include, why it’s beneficial, and how that helps you win bids.

What should I include in my Value Proposition?

Within our last post, we briefly touched on the points you should try and answer, these were:

  • Define what your company does
  • Explain how you can resolve your potential customer’s problem
  • Answer the question ‘Why should I buy from your instead of your competitors?’

To add to that, you should also be writing about:

  • Your company mission and purpose
  • Your long-term vision
  • Your core values
  • The benefits of your product/service
  • The features of your product/service
  • How you have solved a current customer’s pain point

We recommend planning your value proposition statement out by brainstorming first. You could do this as a diagram, or just a simple list. It’s helpful to include your team in the brainstorming sessions as they can bring things to the table that you may not have thought to be of importance.

Value Proposition Brainstorm Diagram

The best ideas you can put forward to your customers, so they understand how you meet their needs, are critical; that’s why having a Value Proposition for your bids is important. It gives your clients a solution they didn’t know they needed.

Why should I include this in my value proposition?

By including all/most of the above points, you are making sure the client knows everything they need to make an informed decision about purchasing your products/services. It also helps them to begin to understand your company and how it runs, allowing them to make a judgment on whether you’re the right fit for them.

This is the critical point of why a value proposition is important for your bids; you are guiding and telling the customer through everything you do and why they should choose you. Your Value Proposition is essential for explaining that to them, and to make an emotional connection, so they will make the purchasing decision.

By providing a solution example, you are helping to establish trust, all before you’ve even spoken directly to the customer. This is beneficial as they will go into a purchase knowing that you could potentially help them in the same way, saving them time, effort, and possibly money!

What do I do next?

Remember that that blank bit of paper, or word document, you kept from the last blog? Use it! Make a start on trying to write your Value Proposition or use it to brainstorm ideas first.

And remember, writing your Value Proposition doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Start simple, you can always build on it as you go; and, if you’re still struggling, we’re only an email/phone call away.

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