Don’t know your ITT from your PQQ? Or are you just disappointed with the results you’re getting with DIY bids? Maybe you’re a smaller company that doesn’t have the budget for bid consultants but you still want to create top quality bids. That’s where Bid for Success tenders training comes in.


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Wondering How to Win Tenders?

To the uninitiated, the bid and tender process can seem daunting, but by learning a few key principles you can increase you chances of a winning tender response. We offer a variety of bid writing courses to help you do just that.

Bid Ready in 5-days

Wondering if bids and tenders are a good way for your company to grow? But where do you even start?
Sign up for our FREE Facebook-based challenge, starting 22nd June 2020 and end the week with a solid plan to get your company ready to bid for success. 

bid writing courses

SME-specific bid training

This 8-week bid writing course has been put together by Bid for Success in association with APMP ‘Vendor of the Year’, The Bid Toolkit. Unlike other bid training this is SME specific, showing you how to win tenders through webinars, exercises and special guests.
Coming July 2020

Free bid Support

Looking for free bid support? Look no further. We are building peer support communities on both Facebook and LinkedIn. We share bid writing tips and have an exciting program of guest speakers to give advice, and we’re on hand to answer any questions you might have to learn how to bid.

learn how to bid

Bespoke tenders Training

Is there something specific you need to learn? Or a particular training you want delivered to your team? Get in touch with our team who can help build you a bespoke training course and plan covering any element you need to learn how to bid – this can be in person or delivered via video conferencing tools.


Are you ready to take the next step towards real success for your business?

Do you want to switch focus from the pursuit of higher numbers to working towards a different definition of what winning means for bids and tenders; where you win more and do less?

We’d love to help you do just that, whether it be through one of our bid writing courses, or one-on-one mentorship. Get in touch today to find out more.

How to Write an Executive Summary

How to Write an Executive Summary

First impressions count and knowing how to write an executive summary is a key skill for a bid, tender, or proposal writer. If your submission needs an Executive Summary, this is your chance to grab the customer’s attention and start the process of selling them on...

What Are The Different Types of Tender?

What Are The Different Types of Tender?

There are several different types of tender that you might come across as you’re scrolling through Contracts Finder or Find a Tender, looking for new opportunities for your business. It’s helpful to understand the difference between these tender types, so you know...

Contract Bidding – How to Get Started with Public Sector Tenders

Contract Bidding – How to Get Started with Public Sector Tenders

As face-to-face networking has started up again, we’ve been visiting more groups to introduce Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners to the idea of contract bidding. While some are aware that it’s possible to win these public sector contracts, for many it’s seen as...

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