Social Value & ESG

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Social Value in the Context of Bids

As a society, we are all becoming more aware of the need to consider how we make a difference in our communities through to our environmental impacts on the planet. Businesses are becoming socially led, where being responsible for how you operate and what you do matters and makes a difference. Whether this is in your bids or people buying from you directly, doing more good in the world is the way of doing business.

When writing tenders for your businesses, there’s a variety of things we consider which will help you stand out when the bid is submitted in respect of CSR and Social Value. This is particularly important if you are bidding into the public sector where the norm is becoming to see up to 10% of the contract value delivered as ‘social return on investment,’ equating to a monetary output based on the amount of time you spend doing good things.

See below for factors to consider.

Social Value & ESG

Why does social value matter?

Buyers (aka the client) have become savvier and want more value for the money they spend with your company. Giving back shows them you care about their problems at a local level and how you can support their communities.

It’s no longer enough to do a service well and have a good price – buyers and the end customer you work for want to know you help others; they like buying from and working with people with the ‘feel good factor’.

To help you get to grips, we’ve created our FREE social value guide, Win More Bids – Do More Good. It will help you successfully add social value in a meaningful way to win more bids whilst supporting your business growth.

Social Value & ESG
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How do I build social value into my Bid?

More and more bids are asking for a social value proposal. But what is social value? What does it mean? And, more importantly, how does it benefit your business?

Social Value is becoming an increasingly important aspect of public sector contracts, with the government having recently published its new Social Value Model which has been expanded to include COVID-19 recovery and wellbeing. Central Government contracts now come with a 10% weighting for social value, and we expect to see this being rolled out more widely in coming months and years. Social Value UK is a part of the conversation on the future of social value, and how it is delivered, so staying in touch with them allows us to keep our knowledge current and give the best advice to our clients.




Core areas to consider are:

Local Employment and Community Impact:

How much of your delivery team is local?

Will you make new jobs?

Will you hire apprentices?

Will you provide work experience?

Are you doing volunteering works and supporting your community?

Environmental Management and Sustainability:

Are you a carbon neutral business or have plans to reach this and how?

Can you support clients to help reduce their carbon footprint?

Do you maximise recycling and reduce your waste?

Do you volunteer on green activities in your community?

Lastly, it is crucial that whatever good work you do, that you take note of this, internally for record purposes but also to demonstrate your good work to clients. There are a range of tools you can use, such as TOMS (Themes, Outcomes and Measures framework) or the HACT (Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust) Social Value Calculator, that support this recording process.

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