More and more bids are asking for a social value proposal.  But what is social value?  What does it mean? And more importantly how does it benefit your business? 

To help you get to grips, we’ve created our FREE social value guide, Win More Bids – Do More Good.  It will help you successfully add social value in a meaningful way to win more bids whilst supporting your business growth.




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What’s in the Social Value Guide?

The Social Value Act - What is it?

Find out about The Public Services (Social Value) Act of 2012, and what it means for you, in layman’s terms.  We explain what it is and how you can meet the requirements public sector buyer’s place on bidders.


social value

Social Value in Practice

What do procurers really want from a social value proposition, and what do other people do? There are many ways to interpret this which is why we explain the different approaches so you can get it right.


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Your Social Value Portfolio

Find out how to put together a social portfolio for your company and individual bid responses to make your bid perfect. Giving more back is the new way to win more business for your company.

Why does social value matter?


Buyers Want Partners with a Social Consience

Buyers (aka the client) have become more savvy and want more value for the money they spend with your company. Giving back shows them you care about their problems at a local level and how you can support their communities.


It’s a Legal Requirement in the UK Public Sector 

When the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 was created, it placed an obligation on buyers to ensure the money they spent delivered more on a social, economic and environmental front.  That’s why you see social value in every bid these days.


Doing Good is the New Way of Doing Business

It’s not enough to do a service well and have a good price. Buyers and the end customer you work for want to know you help others; they like buying from and working with people with the ‘feel good factor.’  Considering social value is win:win.

How do I get started with social value?

Our guide offers some great tips as a starting point for delivering social value through your own business. It’s not as ‘hard’ as people make it out to be; you simply have to make the commitment to get started moving that direction.  

Doing social value also gives you great evidence for your bids about why you are the right choice for a client. If you need more suggestions we are happy to have a chat. 

Why don’t you download our guide? The only thing stopping you in doing more good and helping you win more bids is getting started!


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