the SME Scholarship: Free bid writing support

We know there are great businesses who will have that bid; the one where a win would be a significant bonus for your business but don’t have the time, or the funds to pay for consultancy.  What’s the solution? Every month we are offering up to 2 days of free bid writing support to help great companies like yours win. No catches, no hoops. It’s our SME Scholarship Program to help people like you when you need it most. 


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Why have an SME scholarship programme?

We Believe In & Practice Helping Others

There’s no more to it than that.  We want to offer equal opportunity to companies with a great business model that do great things; hence why we operate our bid scholarship.

Supporting Good Businesses to Be Great at Winning

We believe people and their businesses are inherently good, so we are trying to start a snowball effect to make the world better. This is why we want to support other great businesses.

Giving Back is Part of Who We are As People

Everyone in our team puts ‘first things first,’ which means we know what is important. As people and a team we all believe in helping others; giving back more than we take so we all grow. 

What are the application criteria?


You need to be new (you haven’t used our services before)

We are privileged to work with great businesses every day. We know that small business is better business. We want to impact people who aren’t in a position to use a bidding service to help them transform their company, letting us help more people through our work.


You have to have under 250 staff (be an SME)

As small and medium enterprises make up over 50% of the UK economy, we want to provide support specifically for these businesses. That’s why you must have under 250 staff and a turnover of less than £50m (the EU definition of SME).

free bid writing support


You have to have a live or upcoming bid to support

We want to know that there is a real bid that is going to make a difference to your business. We will want you to tell us why it matters, in your own words, and how it will transform the lives of your customers and communities via our free bid writing support.

When do you accept applications?

We accept applications monthly for the SME scholarship programme. Our application always open on / around the 1st of each month and closes around the 15th. We then aim to notify the winner within 7 days to enable sufficient time to get their bid done. 

We appreciate that this isn’t an ‘exact’ science in terms of timelines. If your bid response date falls outside of our normal cycles, get in touch with us directly and we will review your application as a one off process.  

And don’t worry, we don’t use your email address to contact you with pushy sales tactics; we will let you know if your application is succesful or not but after that it’s up to you if you want to stay in touch.


What do you ask for in return?

We want to share the ‘good’ that your business does and that we build together, so we can continue helping others. If you are successfully chosen for a bid scholarship we request that:

1) We can share your business story. We believe in helping and making others aware of great businesses (this is naturally subject to confidentiality and the bid itself).

2) If you were happy with our free services, please provide us a testimonial to help us grow.  Word of mouth helps us build our business.


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