Our Purpose

To help ambitious businesses
be successful at winning the
right work; the work they want.

Our Values

We want to work with people and companies where our values align; understanding that when we come together, we form something greater – a partnership. Success isn’t just about winning, but the journey we take to get there.


Leading by example, we proactively support and help you to deliver a winning bid to achieve mutual success.


Going the extra mile, even as deadlines approach, we ensure your bid is ‘pitch perfect’ every time for a winning edge.


As your business best friend, we are: honest, looking after your interests, and providing the right advice to make bidding easy.


We put you and your team first, finding the right opportunities and helping you achieve your version of success.

Our People

Adrian - Website IMG


Bid for Success Founder & Managing Director

Adrian, our Managing Director, discovered her love for bidding back in 2008 when she got her first bid role within social housing. It was during this role that she developed a passion for the profession, driven by the realisation that when exceptional companies, full of talented people, secure contracts, they have the potential to make a powerful difference to customers and communities.

In her role, Adrian serves as both a leader and an active contributor to the bidding process. As the Managing Director, she ensures the smooth functioning of the entire business, ensuring that all operations align seamlessly. Additionally, she plays a hands-on role in crafting compelling bid proposals for our clients. Adrian actively participates in client calls and kick-off meetings, forging strong relationships and fostering clear communication channels. Moreover, Adrian takes charge of the "Deep Dive" process with new clients, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their needs and aspirations to tailor winning strategies.

Her passion for bidding, combined with her ability to recognise the impact it can have, drives her to lead the organisation towards exceptional outcomes. Adrian's commitment to excellence, coupled with her strategic mindset, empowers our clients to secure contracts and contribute to the improvement of society.

Marie - Website Image


Senior Bid Manager

Serving as a dedicated Senior Bid Manager, Marie’s role involves the responsibility of collaborating with multiple clients to ensure the creation of compelling bid responses. With a high attention to detail, Marie ensures that all necessary information is collected, responses are well-written, and key aspects required from clients are available well in advance of bid submission dates.

Marie's career journey began in the construction industry, which provided her with invaluable expertise and insights that she now leverages in her bid writing. Her profound knowledge enables her to craft technically accurate bids of the highest quality, consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Possessing a competitive edge, Marie approaches tender submissions with determination. She takes pride in celebrating her clients' successful bid wins, considering them as personal victories. Equally, Marie also exhibits a growth mindset by critically analysing unsuccessful bids, dissecting them to identify areas for improvement.

This drive for competition and continuous improvement serves as Marie's fuel, empowering her to deliver bid responses of the utmost quality to each and every client she collaborates with. Her commitment, combined with her deep industry knowledge, makes her an indispensable asset for any organisation seeking to secure successful bids in a competitive landscape.

Mark - Website Image


Senior Bid Manager

Mark is a Senior Bid Manager at B4S, boasting a wealth of experience in his field. His journey in bid management began in 2006 when he secured his first Bid Manager role, igniting his passion for driving successful bids. In his current position, Mark's responsibilities include attending bid kick-off meetings, crafting compelling responses to questions, completing supplier questionnaires (SQs), and more.

Mark's previous experience plays a pivotal role in his ability to excel as a Senior Bid Manager. With his expertise, he adeptly project manages bids, ensuring that every aspect is carefully executed to a high standard. He takes pride in overseeing all elements of the bid process, both from within B4S and from any areas that require collaboration with our clients, to ensure comprehensive and timely completion in advance of submission dates.

His strong project management skills, attention to detail, and ability to navigate complex bid requirements contribute to his success in the field. With his exceptional capabilities and dedication to achieving outstanding results, Mark plays a pivotal role in B4S's bid management team, driving the company's success, and helping clients secure valuable contracts.

Ali - Website IMG


Business Manager

Ali, our Business Manager, is the driving force behind the success of B4S. With her multifaceted role, she serves as the pillar of the organisation, overseeing compliance, finance, human resources, and training while ensuring seamless team coordination.

Ali's experience and expertise make her an invaluable asset to the company. Her ability to maintain a calm and composed demeanour in the face of complexity enables her to navigate even the most difficult of business challenges. With her exceptional problem-solving skills, she consistently finds solutions that keep the organisation on track and thriving.

Ali ensures that B4S operates within legal frameworks, upholding industry standards and regulations. Her financial management skills allow for the smooth functioning of the company's financial operations.

With Ali at the helm, B4S operates at its best, overcoming challenges and achieving sustained growth. Her unwavering commitment, problem-solving skill, and attention to detail make her an indispensable asset to the organisation. Ali's exceptional skill set, and temperament, keep the team on an even keel, enabling B4S to flourish in the face of complexity.

Beth - Website IMG


Marketing Officer

Beth is our Marketing Officer with a knack for creating social media content and blog posts. As a valuable member of the team, she combines her creative writing skills with a keen business acumen to effectively promote the business's services.

In addition to her content creation responsibilities, Beth plays a pivotal role in the business's administrative tasks. She assists in developing bid review forms, crafting quotes, responding to supplier questionnaires (SQs), and creating meticulous response templates.

Moreover, Beth's dedication extends beyond her own responsibilities. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to her colleague. With her attention to detail, collaborative spirit, and passion for delivering excellence, Beth is an invaluable asset to the team, constantly striving to elevate the business's marketing efforts to new heights.

Carly - Website IMG


Bid Officer

Carly is our Bid Officer, supporting in the creation and management of bid processes. Her role includes a wide range of responsibilities, including developing bid review forms, maintaining effective communication with clients, assisting in project management tasks, and contributing to the writing of bid responses.

Carly's passion for writing stems from her curiosity in exploring how projects can be successfully completed. She likes learning about relevant legislation, and ultimately assisting clients in securing valuable contracts to enhance their portfolios. Her enthusiasm for the craft of writing is fuelled by the process of gathering evidence, creating persuasive arguments, and writing compelling proposals.

Known for her helpful nature, Carly enjoys supporting others and immersing herself fully in her work. She embraces every opportunity to absorb new information, consistently expanding her skills and knowledge base to ensure her work is of the highest quality.

Carly's commitment to her role and her eagerness to continuously learn and grow make her an invaluable asset to any bid team. Her strong work ethic, coupled with her passion for writing and client success, enables her to excel in delivering bid responses and contributing to the overall success of bid projects.


For every opportunity we guarantee the following:

1.FREE bid review and quote including bid/no-bid advice


<100 Staff
£450 - £515
(Per day)

2.No surprises – no extra days or additional charges


<250 Staff
£525 - £595
(Per day)

3.Working flexibly to meet your budget


>250 Staff
(Per day)

And remember, those are our bid writing days, not yours. While it might take you a week to put together a response, with our expert team and bid writing experience, we can get that done in a fraction of the time.

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