Do you want FREE support to win bids?

We believe anyone who runs a great business should be able to win contracts and new work when bidding the right opportunities.  But more importantly we believe there should be a ‘no cost,’ FREE option to get basic support to help you when you need it. 


That’s why we have a FREE Facebook Membership Club. Our bid experts are here for impartial advice on things when you need it.

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Who is the Membership Club for?

Business Owners with ad-hoc bids

Owners who are time poor often do bids to help grow their companies because as the owner they know what they do best. However compliance requirements and ‘technical’ responses can be complicated. 

Newbies to Bidding with their 1st Bid

All of a sudden your boss or another colleague has found a bid that seems a good idea to do to help your company get in more sales. It’s landed on your desk and you don’t know where or how to start on the bid. 

Bidding is an Add-On to your Day Job

Whilst you have done either a few or many bids, you write and manage bids as an add-on to your day job, having to do all the juggling. Sometimes you need extra help to interpret something you’re unsure about.

Sales People who Do Bids Sometimes

You’re part of the sales or  business development team, but you don’t do bids  because most of your work is won through direct relationships; except for that couple times a year. 

DIY Bidders who are self-taught

You learned how to do a bid through hard effort on your own, but when procurement rules change or a client throws a curve ball you don’t have a place to ask what to do for that part of the bid.

Junior Professional Doing Bids

You likely work in a small or medium sized company and are part of a small bid team that has just 1 or 2 bid team members. You’ve got a great team but want to learn more about how to bid.

Why should you join the Club?


Bidding Shouldn’t Be An Impossible Endeavour

You’ll hear people say that bidding can only be done by the professionals or those who know the ‘dark art’ of business development. It’s not true.

Like anything, when you learn what you are looking at and why the question is being asked, things begin to make sense. Sure some clients make it hard, but that’s why we’re here to help you unpick those issues. 


Learning Bid Basics Isn’t Rocket Science 

Bidding absolutely has a formula and a system for completion. It’s not as hard as others make it out, esepcially as the UK Government has made it easier for small business to compete and win.

Our Membership Club will teach you the tips and tricks you need at a high level and break down the tough stuff, bit by bit. We will help make it easier.


Don’t Let Overwhelm Stop You Getting Help

When you open the bid documents and you find the client has asked 20+ pages of questions or there are 50+ technical documents, what do you do? How do you manage information overload when the client makes it complicated?

As experienced bidders our Membership Club can provide simple advice on where to start and succeed at your bid.

What do we get out of the Bid Club?

Nothing more than the satisifaction of helping good businesses go from good to great (quoting Jim Collins, a favourite author).

There’s no agenda; we’re just tired of seeing people struggle when they shouldn’t as small business delivers better business for clients, customers and communities. It also supports the UK Government’s agenda to give more work to small and medium sized enterprises.

Helping you bid successfully and win is all about doing the right thing. We believe in turn this will pay dividends for everyone.

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