In-House Deadlines – Should You Have Them?

Jul 26, 2022Bid Training, Bid Writing, SME Champions, Tender Writing

Working to deadlines can be overwhelming, especially if there’s a tight turnaround on a bid. There are a few things you can put into place, internally, to help ensure your bid submission runs as smoothly as possible.

In-House Deadlines:

Writing a bid submission can involve multiple members of your team, sometimes you can’t write an answer without information from another person and that can set your timeline back a little bit. To ensure this doesn’t happen, give your team a deadline to get the information to you!

Best practice would be to set a deadline for when you want each question to be fully drafted by and then set a deadline a few days before that for any information you need from other people. Make sure you communicate this to each person involved individually so they know what is expected from them each time.

Your team will also appreciate the effort of trying to make things run smoothly as it means there is less stress within the team – making for a much happier working environment!

Are In-House Deadlines 100% Necessary?

Where we would recommend having in-house deadlines, they’re not necessary for you to be able to submit a bid.

As we mentioned above, the main reason it’s ideal to have them in place is to ensure everything runs smoothly and that there isn’t any last-minute rushing about/stressing about getting the response fully finished.

At the end of the day, it’s completely up to you and your bid team if you want to implement in-house deadlines. If you don’t and what you currently do works fantastically for you all, then there’s no reason to change anything! However, if you do often find yourselves rushing around right before a submission, it might be worth having a sit down with your team and seeing if they think this could help!

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