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Dec 19, 2021General

Reflections and Thoughts for the Holiday Season

Like so many people this year may have hoped, 2021 has not turned out how we expected; for many of us, it has brought both challenges, but also opportunities for new ventures and fresh starts. We have had to face this head-on, with the ongoing pandemic upending our daily lives as we all learn what constitutes a changing ‘new normal.’ We had also had to face these moments as individuals and together, whether our personal or work families, finding resilience, but also causing many of us to evaluate what is important and to drive those changes forward.

What has been perhaps the most important thing for us in 2021, as I stop and reflect, is how we, as a team and our customers have come together to achieve amazing things. It’s been a time of understanding, enabling us and them to be our human and best selves as we grow, learn, and adapt to the paradigm that living in an ever-changing world brings.

These are the things that stay with me as 2021 ends, but moreover how grateful I am that we have been fortunate to not just still be here, but to grow. To have foundations that mean we will be building a long-term future; as we support great customers who have fabulous visions to achieve their own version of success through bidding for new contracts.

This year alone we have submitted over 200 pieces of work, with values ranging from £20k to over £200m. To be a partner of choice, to be trusted, to help look after and help our customers to win the right work; it’s everything. Whilst we started our journey in 2019, with just 8 clients on our books, we now have over 50.  They range from micro-businesses and VCSEs to corporate clients needing to augment their bid team for critical opportunities or shortages.

However, what every single one of them has in common is that they are great companies, who are great at what they do. It’s been a pleasure to work with every one of them this year and the people that make up their businesses, driving positive change for them and the communities they serve. This theme and commitment to not just great services, but to deliver social value activities that change lives.

Of course, it isn’t just our client list that has had to grow. To support these amazing businesses, we’ve had to grow our own team. We’ve added two new full-time and one part-time member of staff bringing in new experience and specialisms; we have new members who will be starting with us shortly. We’ve also increased our pool of associate Bid Writers to allow us to respond flexibly when our clients need us. We are creating jobs, but more importantly, we are building a community where bidding professionals can come together, putting their first things first, prioritising these in their lives.

For me, and our team, these are the accolades that matter; not awards we win, but the stories that we can tell time and again of how we have served and supported others. Some of our proud moments this year include:

  • Supporting a sole trader to win their first tender
  • Securing a government contract for a not-for-profit with a world-changing mission
  • Launching our SME Academy – fully-funded bid training for small businesses
  • Seeing our SME Scholarship really make a difference

Growth is a natural part of everyone’s lives; but it’s also what we do as a business, both for our customers and in turn the team here at Bid for Success. We’ve been privileged to support our customers of all sizes and across a range of industries, to win the contracts that they needed to secure and stabilise their businesses and then start to grow. Their success is our success in a very real and direct way, because as our clients grow and tender more, so do we.

For every single one of you that has supported us on this journey, thank you; you are what has and will continue to make a difference for us here every single day. Both as the owner and MD, I am grateful to have and continue to be so privileged, with 2022 looking to be a bright year, despite whatever future curve balls we might continue to face.

Lastly, to ensure that we can deliver above and beyond for our clients in 2021, we’re closing our offices on the 23rd of December and will be reopening on the 4th of January. Please note that we will have an on-call team who are here if your query is urgent, but all of us are taking some much-needed downtime.  We are a ‘family-first’ company and we know that our team needs to spend time with the people they love as they celebrate the end of a challenging year. We will emerge, refreshed, in the New Year, ready to take on whatever challenges 2022 brings.

And if your 2022 resolutions include growing your business with tenders? We can flexibly support you no matter the size of your business or the industry you work in. Get in touch to find out how, as we are here to work with customers who want to partner with a personal, forward-thinking team to win great work, grow their businesses, and make a difference, just like ourselves.

Signing off ‘til 2022 now and wishing all of you a safe, happy, and festive holiday season!

Adrian Corcoran

Adrian Corcoran

Adrian Corcoran is Managing Director and Founder of Bid for Success. Passionate about working with great businesses to win them new work, she and the Bid for Success team are here to help you with your bidding and work winning needs.


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