Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your most common
questions about bidding

What does a bid writer do?

A bid writer works with you to help capture what you sell onto paper. They assist in finding solutions and putting together an agreed win strategy to help you win the bids you want to win.

What is bid management?

Bid Management is not to be confused with Bid Writing. Bid Management (or a Bid Manager) is a procurement specialist. They know what can and can’t be done in terms of a response and they are excellent project managers.

What is Solution Architecture?

Solution Architecture is our way of helping you (the client) develop a win strategy and to help you decide what you’re going to be selling in the bid.

What training do you offer?

The main training we offer is our SME Academy, a 5-day email course packed with the necessary information to help get you started

How can you help if you don’t know our business?

Our Deep Dive tool helps us to understand what your business does, and how you do it. It’s how we get under the skin of your business to work out what you do, how to sell it, and to help create winning bid strategies.

Can you advise us where we’ve gone wrong on previous bids?

Yes, we do strategic reviews and keep it inline with what your company does and doesn’t do. We appreciate the journey you are already on, but it’s not as straightforward as it may seem.

How long does it take to write a tender response?

How long is a piece of string? It depends on the tender. On average, a 5-page response, from scratch, can take 1-1.5 days, whereas if we’re just editing your response, this can be done a lot quicker.

Where can I find tender opportunities?

There are many places you can find suitable tender opportunities. There are a range of paid services and free services. Where you look depends on whether you’re looking for a private sector opportunity, or a public sector one.

What is a tender?

A tender is the procurement process where a contracting authority comes to market with a contract for work they need completed. This will include a quality and price response to determine how you will manage and complete the contract.

What does ITT mean?

ITT stands for Invitation to Tender, and it is a formal document issued by a procurement authority which outlines the scope of a project and invites organisations to submit a formal tender to bid for the work.

What does PQQ or SQ mean?

PQQ stands for Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and it’s a set of questions based on the requirements of a company. Supplier Questionnaire is another word for the same thing and the most common language used by the Public Sector.

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