Deep Dive

Deep Dive Tool

At Bid for Success, we can help businesses like you identify gaps, which may have previously caused you to lose the bids you want to win, with our Deep Dive innovation tool. Our tool identifies strengths, weaknesses and gaps within businesses which will establish whether they are ready to compete for new business or key client contracts in bids.

It’s perfect for businesses who have previously lost a bid or those who are ready to bid and want to win.

Our process

The Deep Dive will give us an insight into your business and service delivery, as well as the bid you’re looking to enter, giving us the opportunity to identify any gaps which might cause your business to be unsuccessful in the bid.

Our tool has 15 points on which we measure and identify gaps in your business.







Financial & Legal


HR & Training







During a Deep Dive, we’ll actively collaborate and work with you to create the successful Customer Value Proposition, both looking at your own research, previous bids, and any site visits/interviews with your team to inform this. We can then see and understand the gaps where innovation management and support are needed, working together to find solutions to create you a winning value proposition.

We’ll identify mandatory areas for improvement whilst also providing other areas of improvement which are growth opportunities for your business.

As a result of the Deep Dive, you’ll be able to plan, pursue and secure target opportunities using the Deep Dive as a baseline for measuring success and alignment of your business goals. We can use it to show evolution as your business develops and then link this to your success rates, showing how investment, growth and choosing the right bid opportunities, leads to long-term success.

Who might this be suitable for?

The Deep Dive tool is perfect for clients who have an imminent bid.

With an imminent bid, this means we can review the requirements for the bid and measure your business based on our 15 points previously listed, so that we can identify any gaps that the imminent bid requires.

We have a lot of clients who are a quality-led business who have used the Deep Dive tool to help them bid because the tool and Bid for Success are an opportunity match – meaning we help you submit bids where your business is perfect for the opportunity.

If you don’t have a bid on the horizon, we can perform a Deep Dive on your business and then look at potential bids that your business might be a suitable fit for, as well as supporting your business on improving in the areas identified in the Deep Dive that need a bit of TLC.


What can be done with the information gained?

Once we’ve completed the Deep Dive, Bid for Success can then support your tender submission by developing a solution architecture for your bid, providing bid management support, providing bid writing and editing, or providing a bid review and strategy.

The Deep Dive helps you know what you’re selling, why, and how it benefits your end clients to help them be comfortable that you are the right team for them, as that’s what bidding is all about; it’s not just the writing but selling yourself on every front by knowing who you are and what you do to win the confidence of customers.

Call us today to book a Deep Dive

If you have a bid that you’re about to start working on, we strongly recommend completing a Deep Dive with Bid for Success so that we can help identify gaps quickly so that you are better prepared when writing the bid.

We’ll also help identify whether the bid that’s incoming is a suitable match for your business.