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Bid writing is an art form. Working with the question, you pack a word-limited answer with information and persuasion; not a character should be wasted. We take pride in the quality of our bid writing services, knowing that the words we choose help to take your business on to even greater success.

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Three Steps to Great Bid Writing

We have built a tried and tested bid model from over 50 years’ experience and best practice.



Step one is to analyse the tender documentation, reading the question and identifying exactly what the buyer wants in the tender response; this means a thorough read of all documentation and some ‘reading between the lines’.

tenders writing


Starting with a storyboard, using key ideas from the tender documents & tying them to your win themes. Then we draft a response, sense and quality checking internally before we send it to you .


Between your knowledge of your business and ours as bid writing consultants, we make sure that the response is the very best it can be. Diagrams, tables and graphics are used to reinforce your message.

Features of Great Bid Writing

tendering process


Speaking to the Client

Bids should be focused on what you can do for your client. Keeping them at the centre of every response means you communicate that you understand their problems and can provide a solution.

bid process


No wasted words

Tender responses often come with tight word limits. There are so many things you need to say, and mere that you want to include if you can. By keeping the writing tight, a skilled bid writer can pack a lot into a short space.

bidding strategy


Include the Evidence

Every claim you make should be backed up with evidence, that can be case studies, statistics, or certifications and accreditations. Procurers won’t just take your word for it, you have to prove that you can deliver.

Three Ways to Bid Writing Excellence


Proof & Polish

You write the bulk of the response, and then we take over. We’ll make the best of your tenders, writing any additional copy needed and sense checking what you’ve written. We’ll proof it thoroughly and do any reshaping needed to get it to fit the question.


Bid Writing Services

You give us the technical aspects of the response, and we do all the hard work to make that a compelling and persuasive response. This includes the design and creation of any diagrams or graphics needed to illustrate the bid by our in-house design team.



We’ll work alongside you, from start to finish, supporting you to create a quality bid for yourself. This one-on-one training option will give you the benefit of our years of experience, enabling you to go on and write winning bids yourself.


You’re great at what you do, and we’re great at what we do; but there’s probably some overlap. That’s why we take a flexible approach to the way we work with our clients. We’ll give you the support you need, whether that’s occasional proof-reading or an ongoing contract for a fully-managed service. Our success is tied to our clients’ success in a very real way, by doing what’s best for you, we’re securing future success for all of us.

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