Our difference is our belief that bids aren’t about money, they’re about people. It’s about understanding your client, and what they want for their service users or customers. It’s about your company, your staff, and what dreams your bidding strategy can help you achieve in the future. And it’s about us, and what we bring to the table, to help take us all to the next level, together.

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A Simple Three Step Tender Process

We have built a tried and tested bid model from over 50 years’ experience and best practice.


Knowing where an opportunity fits into your bidding strategy is crucial. Knowing your client, building a win strategy, and knowing the opportunity is a good fit for your company are fundamental for success.


Kicking a bid off with clear team roles, developing a great solution, followed by capturing that into the bid writing, graphic design and bid management creates the critical path to win.



After submitting the ‘pitch perfect’ bid, we help you follow that up with a winning interview and a strategy for clarifications to secure the bid. Every bid is an opportunity to learn and improve.


 Why the Bid Process Works

Too often clients focus on the words without a bidding strategy and a great solution for the end client.

Our tendering process helps customers get it right from the very beginning.

Our customers see a 20% increase in win rates when they do this.

The art of bid success is a science; to the right are the ‘cricital’ success factors from a client’s perspective.

  • Having a Client Focused Bidding Strategy  83% 83%
  • Compelling Value Proposition a Client Wants  76% 76%
  • A Contract Team a Client Has Confidence In 72% 72%

PLAN to Bid for Success

tendering process


The Right Opportunity

We’ll look for and find the right opportunities together to take your business forward, and evaluate them against your vision of success. We never do a bid ‘just because.’

bid process


The Deep Dive 

We take time to get to know you and your business. This helps us understand who you are, what makes you great, and where you want to be in the future to create client focused solutions.

bidding strategy


Bidding Strategy

We prepare a strategy to win, doing solution architecture , client research and supporting business development to get to know what the client wants and how to give them that in the bid.

DELIVER the Bid Strategy



We’ll carry out solution architecture for the right operational solution, seek out compelling win themes, and gather everything we need to make the case for you to win.


Bid Management & Writing

For every response we’ll create a compelling narrative on why your company is the best, with our experienced team bringing it together so your bid is clear and well presented.


Review &

We’ll review the whole bid and give it a polish, and then send it to you in good time for you to review it. Then you can submit, or if you like we can do that for you, ensuring it’s compliant.

WIN with the Final Touches


Interviews & Site Visits

Increasingly clients want to know bidders are the ‘right fit’ for them. We help you meet this hurdle through doing pitch decks, interview coaching, and managing site visits.


Post-Tender Support

After the bid is submitted, attention still has to be given to post-tender clarifications and any compliance checks from the client. We will help you stay on top and respond quickly.


Learn & Improve

Once the wait is over, we’ll help you dissect what went well, and where we can improve our chances together next time. To be the best, we always look at what and how we can improve.


We understand that every company, every client they have, and every tender they respond to, is different. One size fits all solutions just don’t work in the bid & proposal industry. That’s why all of our bidding processes are deisgned to be flexible, giving you the support you need, when you need it, under a ‘pick n’ mix’ approach.

Need help with something or not sure where in the ‘bid process’ to begin? Get in touch below to  discuss your unique circumstances and find the right solution together.

Our Blogs on Bid Management

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