It's About You

Bidding successfully as a team is all about relationships.


Making the right decision of who to work with on your bid is critical.  We want to deliver a successful, winning bid, together. It’s as important to you as it is to us that you make the right choice.


Here’s a little bit about us and why we bid to see if we’re a good fit for you and your business.


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Values that Define How We Work

We don’t just talk the talk. We’re here to be a different kind of bid company.

We want to work with people and companies where our values align; understanding when we come together, we form something greater.  Success isn’t just about winning, but the journey we take to get there.



Leading by example, we proactively support and help you to deliver a winning bid to achieve mutual success together.



Going the extra mile, even as deadlines approach, we ensure you bid is ‘pitch perfect’, every time for a winning edge.




As your business best friend, we are honest, looking after your interests, providing the right advice to make bidding easy.



We put you and your team first, finding the right opportunities and helping you to your business vision of success by bidding.

Why Our Team Cares

The bid & proposal profession attracts a certain type of person. You have to want to win, you have to be creative, and you have to work hard when it’s needed to get a proposal across the line.

Our team does all that, but they have something else, too. They thrive on working with others, whether it’s a team approach to a bid or working in partnership with our clients to win more business. 

It’s not just about winning, it’s about seeing those we work with achieve real success and thrive because of it.

Caring Team

This is Us

Adrian Corcoran, Bid for Success Co-Founder

Adrian Corcoran, Bid for Success Co-Founder

Director of Bid Services and MD

Adrian fell in love with bidding in 2008 when she landed her first bid role in social housing.  Her passion for the profession came from understanding that when great companies, full of great people, win contracts, that make a powerful difference to customers and communities.  It’s why in 2012, after winning £1bn of work in corporates she left to form her first bid consultancy, which led to Bid for Success after a management buy out.

Adrian has worked across a diverse range of industries and business sizes, covering construction, FM, professional services,  utilities, technology, recruitment, marketing, data services and security. She has a flair for developing winning solution architecture. As Director of Bid Services she helps customers join B4S, as well as leading key accounts and writing bids. She is also responsible for our strategic direction and service propositions, with a strong focus on helping SMEs.

Gareth Morgan, Bid for Success Co-Founder

Gareth Morgan, Bid for Success Co-Founder

Director of Bid Operations

Having worked in consulting services for 7 years, Gareth decided it was time to take the ‘leap’ to running a bid firm that could make a difference for SMEs and corporate clients. Sharing the knowledge he’s gained in bidding since 2003, Gareth has vast experience of tendering and proposal writing across a number of key sectors including housing maintenance, hard and soft FM services, construction, cost consultancy, project management, and marketing.

As our Head of Bids, Gareth retains day to day control over our busy bid pipeline, ensuring all deadlines are met and overseeing quality submission outputs to meet our high standards. Gareth also continues to take a very hands on approach, managing and writing many of our bids, as well as acting as Key Account Manager for several clients. Gareth is known for his talent in creating robust value propositions that help win bids.

Sarah Dixon

Sarah Dixon

Development Manager

Sarah came to commercial bid writing via grant fundraising, giving her an affinity for social value responses. She’s also a children’s author with an MA in Creative Writing.  She worked with B4S for four years as an associate before joining the firm in early 2020 as a permanent member of the team.

Sarah is the first point of contact for new clients, runs our marketing and social media activity, and is the Bid Manager for several accounts. She also has a strong passion for social value and leads B4S own CSR strategy development and delivery.

Book a call with Sarah.


Mark Staker

Mark Staker

Sr. Bid Manager

Mark has been a Bid Manager for almost 20 years, having completed a Master’s degree in Maths and Physics. He has led bids across a range of sectors including, but not limited to, recruitment, facilities maintenance, ICT, manufacturing, engineering, aerospace and telecommunications.

Mark is a trained Six Sigma Black Belt and is responsible for ensuring that we maintain all quality standards, due to his logical and methodical approach. He has also undertaken commercial training, allowing him to review Terms & Conditions for our customers.

Ali Moitie

Ali Moitie

Business Manager

Ali is the backbone of B4S, maintaining compliance, finance, HR, and training, as well as  keeping the team organised. She’s an experienced hand with the skill and temperament to keep us on an even keel, finding solutions to even the most complex business challenges.

Starting  with secretarial school, Ali built her career though her tenacious attitude and willingness to learn. Never one to give up, she has developed valuable skills through diverse roles, becoming a critical part of helping us reach success.


Are you ready to take the next step towards real success for your business?

Do you want to switch focus from the pursuit of higher numbers to working towards a different definition of what winning means for bids and tenders? Where you win more and do less?

If you think we will be a great match together and you would like to be part of the Bid for Success family, let’s talk!

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