8 Ways We Bring Value as Tender Writing Consultants

Jul 23, 2021Bid Management, Tender Writing

When you think of tender writing consultants, you may think of it purely as a writing skill. These are people who have the skills and experience to write a compelling tender response with the information about your business that you provide.

While it’s true, we do write an awful lot of words for our clients, Bid for Success is about so much more than ‘just’ excellent written communication. Here are some of the ways we add value to every bid we touch for our clients.

Bid/No-bid support

Deciding whether or not to put the time and resources into a bid is one of the most fundamental decisions of the entire tender process. As tender writing consultants, we support our clients in making the right decisions; that includes a close analysis of the tender documents and making them aware of any concerns we have with the opportunity. We act as a critical friend, giving our best advice on whether to go ahead with a bid or not.

Solution Architecture

The way that you solve a problem for a client is fundamental to a good bid response. This doesn’t mean just meeting the specification, it’s about the innovative solutions you can bring, or where you can add value, or just reassure the customer that they are in safe hands with you. There is no one size fits all solution, each tender will be different based on the clients wants and needs. Compliant and responsive solutions win.

Policy Writing

Does the bid require you to have a policy or statement that you don’t have in house yet? We can help. We’ve supported our SME customers with creating environmental policies, ED&I policies, and many more besides.

Social Value

We’ve supported a number of clients to understand social value and develop strategies that help them win bids. Whether it’s coming up with a creative social value offer for a particular bid or advising on changes to recruitment, supply chain management, training, and more we know how to pull together a meaningful and winning social value offer.

Process Improvement

tender writing consultantMany of our clients have ambitions to grow and to do that they need to ensure that they are operating at the same level as the next tier of company. As tender writing consultants, we work with both small businesses and corporates, giving us a unique view of best practice and helping us to support our clients to improve so their processes fit right in with the major players.

Bid Compliance

If you’ve ever downloaded a tender document, you’ll know that there are usually dozens of documents that are made up of legalese, technical requirements, and relatively plain English. Unfortunately, this can lead to confusion with requirements spread over multiple documents, and ever contradictions. We’re able to look over documents with a practised eye, spotting all requirements and making sure that your tender is 100% compliant.

Best Practice Across Sectors

Our knowledge of different business sectors means that we are able to apply lessons learned in one sector to another. This can be hugely helpful in areas such as customer service, for example, which is an important part of most tenders, whether the ‘customer’ be a resident, service user, or student.

The same is also true across client sectors; our corporate clients lead the way and give us the inspiration to help smaller businesses take their activity to the next level. And then there are the central government requirements that we know will be rolling out more widely in the public sector over time, so staying abreast of new requirements, such as PPN 06/21, helps us prepare SMEs for the future.

A Steady Nerve

Years of experience in bids and tenders helps us stay cool, calm, and collected right up to the deadline. While we always aim to have a bid submitted 24 hours ahead of the deadline, if we’re still waiting for pricing docs or evidence from the client, you won’t see us freaking out (too much). We know that for many clients, hitting submit is a cause of great anxiety so many prefer to let us do their bid compliance and submission to take the stress away.

Whatever You Need From Tender Writing Consultants

Fundamentally, we’re here to provide whatever support our clients need to get their bids over the line. Our growing team now includes five experienced and talented bid managers, each with a different skill set and expertise. Beyond that, we have a pool of pre-approved and tested tender writing consultants who have additional specialisms that we call in when we need their skills or just more capacity.

If you’d like to find out just what we can do to support you and your business ambitions, get in touch today.

Adrian Corcoran

Adrian Corcoran is Managing Director and Founder of Bid for Success. Passionate about working with great businesses to win them new work, she and the Bid for Success team are here to help you with your bidding and work winning needs.


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